The three ‘omnies’



Greek Philosopher

341- 270 BC


“Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? 

If so, he is

not omnipotent. 

Or is he able, but not willing? 

If so, he is malevolent.   

Or is he neither able nor willing? 

If so,

why call him God?

Like Superman, the Christian God is supposed to be up there listening for our cries and swinging into action when we need help. He is, allegedly:


Omnipresent - everywhere - There is no hiding place from God, he is ‘within us and without us’ - scary!

Omniscient - all knowing - God is eavesdropping on our every word and has magic CCTV watching every action! His database must have expanded in line with the human population!

Omnipotent - all powerful - he can do anything, supposedly.


These are three fantastic Unique Sales Propositions! Who wouldn’t sign up to an organisation led by such an impressive figure? Especially as he is supposed to be a good God.


Imagine the good that could be done by someone wielding those superpowers!


Even if he couldn’t prevent an unexpected disaster (and why wouldn’t an omnipotent God be able to do that?), surely he could help with the clearing up afterwards, couldn’t he?


Perhaps he is better at providing guarantees before disasters happen? If that was the case, wouldn’t Bishops just pray for their Cathedrals to be spared from lightning strikes and save the cost of lightning conductors and insurance?


Maybe the insurance companies have got it right - what is  their understanding of an ‘Act of God’?  

A disaster so bad they won’t cover it!  

See link to Ricky Gervais (warning: offensive language)

We still don’t know the final death toll or total cost of the 2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami disaster.

In Haiti, survivors have been on the News praising God. Strangely, nobody has blamed God for all the deaths. It’s a great job where you get all the praise and none of the blame, isn’t it!

Is God good at his job?  No!

As a ‘loving father’ he is a complete failure!

Perhaps we should ‘let him go’...

Or, maybe he doesn’t exist - that would explain things!

Floods ravage Pakistan: 6m Homeless

July 2010

230,000 Dead in Haitian Earthquake

13th January 2010

Tsunami strikes Thailand

26th December 2004

Volcanic eruption destroyed Pompei

August 24, A.D.79


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