Unlike other subjects, Science is not merely a body of knowledge, it’s a process.


Instead of just believing what they were told when they were children because it was written in some ancient book, Scientists seek evidence to support proposed answers to questions.


Before Science, when faced with a question, somebody just guessed at the answer and told their children, probably to shut them up! That answer then got passed down the generations. This is how religious doctrine originates.


Scientific method often starts in the same way, with a guess (hypothesis) but then an investigation is carried out to test the guess; observations are made, evidence is gathered.


The Scientific Process goes like this:

1. Decide on a question

2. Suggest possible solutions (Hypotheses - educated guesses)

3. Construct an Investigation to test a Hypothesis

4. Make observations (preferably using instruments to collect data)

5. Repeat the Investigation to eliminate fluke results

6. Draw conclusions, suggest predictions and publish the account

7. Other Scientists repeat investigations and confirm (or deny) results

8. Scientific community comes to agreement about the discovery


When most Scientists are convinced, the answer is accepted as a fact


Common Misconceptions about Science







In Contrast...

Religions are based on ancient tales. The stories were told around the camp fire thousands of years ago and only written down many years later. The storytellers embellished them with ‘miracles’ to keep their audiences interested.


More centuries often passed before the ‘scriptures’ (writings) were edited and compiled into a book for priests. The editors chose to include the most gripping tales. Since then they have been translated many times.


The ‘information’ they contain is limited to what was known at the time - the Bible authors lived in the Iron Age so they knew nothing of fossils (not discovered then) or of bacteria (they had no microscopes).


Society was very primitive so there are tales of atrocities being committed that would be crimes today: stoning disobedient children to death, forcing daughters to marry their rapists, etc.


Unlike Scientists, believers assert that their books are correct and precious. They have invented ‘crimes’ called ‘heresy’, ‘blasphemy’ and ‘apostasy’ so they can punish disbelievers to death.


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(1894 - 1963)


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