I’M Afraid it does,
but they started it!

Yes, religion started it!


Of course, originally there was no distinction - all literate, thinking people were members of a church - there was no secular education available to them*. Then a different way of finding out was discovered - Scientific method.


The invention of Scientific method has been attributed to various people including Galileo, who was condemned to house arrest by ‘infallible’ Pope Urban VIII for saying the Earth went round the Sun. Interestingly, three hundred years later, ‘infallible’ Pope John Paul II admitted that the church had made a mistake about Galileo, but he did not go so far as to apologise! (‘Infallibility’ applies in respect to the church’s dogma not a Pope’s personal lifestyle - just as well for Pope Alexander VI - see here)  


Now we have Scientific establishments including the Royal Society and the Universities so battle has been engaged! One of the great bones of contention is Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. Some religious folk love to rubbish it saying, ‘It’s only a theory’.


They are using the word ‘theory’ in an ordinary language way where the meaning is ‘a proposal or supposition’. Scientists use ‘Theory’ in an entirely different way. In Science a proposal or supposition is called a ‘Hypothesis’ and it is only after it has accumulated enough supporting evidence to convince most of the world’s Scientists that it becomes elevated to a Scientific Theory. I do wish the media would get this right - it should be Grand Unification HYPOTHESIS not Grand Unification Theory. OK, some scientists are just as guilty - slapped wrists!


Scientific Theories have to describe and explain the observed data and enable predictions which are subsequently fulfilled. Darwinism has achieved this superbly - evolution has been demonstrated to occur many times, most notably with MRSA, the ‘Hospital Bug’ that has evolved resistance to antibiotics, or do you imagine that a, supposedly good, God has created it recently to punish us? One of my friends died from that - it’s not funny.


You wouldn’t say Newton’s Theory of Gravity was ‘only a theory’, would you?


* Strict Muslim societies still only educate boys and only in the Qu’ran

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The above quote is readily misunderstood by Believers (Choosers) - they tend to focus on what is, to them, the anomaly of a Scientist revealing that he doesn’t believe in Science and they often suggest he should be sacked!  


The point Prof. Hobson is actually making is that Science does not require belief.  It’s based on something much more powerful - evidence. We only resort to dubious belief when we have no evidence. That’s why he says Science is our defence against (falling into the trap of) belief.


Do you think a majority of world problems can be put down to the way belief is mistakenly regarded to be important?


“I don’t believe

in Science. Science

is our defence

against belief.”


J. Allan Hobson,

Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical


Why is there a Conflict?


Well, they are two philosophies that make very unhappy bedfellows. A Scientist’s style of thinking is a receptive mode: the real world sends them sensory stimuli which they receive as observations.


Whereas, given that even religious leaders accept there is no evidence for the existence of god, a believer’s (choosers) style of thinking must be in transmit mode: I want to feel comforted and looked after, therefore I wish there to be a god.


Can these two opposing styles, transmit and receive, cohabit in one brain simultaneously?

Or do religious Scientists flip a mental

switch when they leave their rational

workplace to enter a church?


Conversations I have had with

religious Scientists indicate to me that

they make very poor advocates for

the existence of a god. They often say,

“Scientific Reality is too materialistic for me.”

They want the truth to be cuddly!

Is that a good reason to believe in a god?

They must decide: Believer’s (Chooser’s) choice!

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