Worksheet to accompany Page 5 of Doubters’ Club


  1. Why shouldn’t we simply believe everything we see written down in ‘black and white’? ______________________________________________________________




2. Give an example of a factual book: ____________________________


How do you know it’s true? ________________________________________


Give an example of a fictional book: ___________________________


What does it have that is too fantastic to believe? __________________________


Give an example of a ‘factional’ story: __________________________


How is truth and fiction mixed up? __________________________________


3.  What does ‘verification’ mean and how did you find out? ______________________________________________________________




4. What sort of ‘contemporary material’ might be used to cross reference with an old book and corroborate it? Explain ‘contemporary’ and ‘corroborate’ in your answer.







5. Should we believe something just because it has been accepted

traditionally or some ‘authority’ tells us to?  Why, or why not?










Today’s Date: ____________________________


Your name: _______________________________Your class: ____________