Worksheet to accompany Page 2 of Doubters’ Club


  1. Have you ever felt uncertain? ________________________________


If so, when? ___________________________________________________


What did it feel like? _____________________________________________


Do you want to feel like that again? _________________________________


  1. Do you have, or know anyone who has, a pet cat? ________________


What does ______________  (cat’s name) do that’s ‘kittenish’:


When they are tired? ______________________________________________________________


When they want food? ______________________________________________________________


  1. Have you been told about ‘Heaven’? ___________________________


What’s it like?



Where is it? ______________________________________________________________

Who is there? ______________________________________________________________


  1. What is the ‘soul’?


How many souls might there be in heaven? ___________________________


How do you know? ______________________________________________


  1. Is there a Pet Heaven? ______


And one for wild animals? _________________________________________


What about spider heaven? _______________________________________


Today’s Date: ____________________________


Your name: _______________________________Your class: ____________