Many Religions have Creation Myths


Australian Aborigines have ‘The Maker of Many Things’ who brought creatures and human ancestors from under the ground and over the seas during ‘Dreamtime’. They say the sun is an Emu’s egg that the Eagle threw up into the sky where it burst into flame! These stories are secret and sacred and passed on orally.


Taoism has a story of chaos being changed by the creative power of Yin and Yang. Out of the mist came a great colourful light, the mist shook and separated, everything light went up to form heaven and everything heavy fell to form the earth. The forces of yin and yang created a giant - P’an Ku who dug the river valleys and piled up the mountains. The hard work killed him and his hair became the plants, his blood became rivers while his parasites became Humans!


Jews and Christians claim that, in the beginning, god created the universe in one week. He said, ‘Let there be light’ on the first day, and made the heavens on the second day. On the third day he raised dry land from the water below and brought forth plants. The fourth day was when he named the bright light ‘day’ and the dim light ‘night’. Day five saw him fill the sea with creatures and the air with birds. The sixth day was very busy - he created all kinds of land animals including mankind so on the seventh day he rested.


The Hindu creation story assumes there have been several worlds and universes. Lord Brahma the Creator made the universes, Lord Vishnu the Preserver maintains them and Lord Shiva is the destroyer and re-creator. These three are all part of the Supreme One. Chaos is followed by a creation and then a destruction brings back chaos - this pattern cycles repeatedly (allegedly).


Muslims have a variation of the Abrahamic story found in the Old Testament. They say god made the world, the heavens and all the creatures that walk, swim, crawl or fly on the earth. He made it rain, broke up the soil and brought forth the corn, olive trees, palm trees and grass. He ordered angels to land on Earth and bring back seven handfuls of soil which he moulded into a man called Adam and breathed life into him. He made Eve from Adam’s rib. One angel went rogue, disobeyed god and tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. God cast them out of Paradise to live on Earth until they served him well.


The Sanema people of the Amazon believe their ancestors were created long ago by Omao. He wanted to make humans from hardwood trees but his brother Soawe was lazy and provided more easily obtainable softwood. Omao was angry saying he wanted to make humans from hardwood so they would live forever, “I was going to use softwood for the anaconda so they would die young.” That is why people do not live forever. Angry Omao left the world and went to the bottom of the sky. (Where’s that?)


Scientists say there is good evidence to indicate that the universe began in a ‘Big Bang’ 13.7 billion years ago and that life has evolved from simple to complex forms over about 4 billion years; we don’t know everything yet but that’s no reason to invent a god.



Lord Brahma the Creator

P’an Ku holding the Yin and Yang



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