True or False?

  1. The Cow Jumped over the Moon
  2. Men Landed on the Moon
  3. Deaf People can Hear Again
  4. Blind People can See Again
  5. A Man can Walk on Water
  6. Water can be Turned into Wine
  7. A Man can Rise from the Dead
  8. A Paralysed Man can Walk Again
  9. A Virgin Woman can give Birth
  10. Sufi Holy men can become Invisible


  1. False! (easy ones first!)
  2. True: on July 20th 1969 and five more occasions in ‘70, ‘71 and ‘72 See: Wikipedia
  3. True-ish. Most forms of deafness can now be treated with hearing aids or implants see link
  4. True-ish. Clouded corneas and lenses can be replaced. A new artificial retina restores some vision already and will improve soon see link
  5. False. Unless you count wearing enormous pontoons on the feet. See link:  Youtube
  6. False. That would be magic! Unless you mean the water in grapes being fermented*
  7. False. Some nearly dead patients can be brought back but may have brain damage.
  8. Almost true. Recent developments will soon enable a computer to control paralysed legs.
  9. False. Although cloning may make it possible one day, but the child will be a girl!
  10. False. But new materials may provide ‘cloaking’ soon.  See link: BBC NEWS

How did you do? More importantly, how did you decide which was true? What is the difference between the claim that the cow jumped over the moon and the claim that a man can walk on water? Absolutely nothing! They are both absurd and are both recorded in old unverified books. Why choose to believe one and not the other?


Back in the fourth century when unsubstantiated stories 4-9 were being written into the Bible were they the entirely fanciful results of the editors’ desire to ‘sex-up’ their promotional document?


Recently, some of these old claims have been coming true. How is that? Science has been working its wonders (not ‘miracles’)!


* Of course it’s the grape sugar that becomes the alcohol in wine, not the water


The President of the Royal Society does not believe in paranormal phenomena.”


Sir (later Lord) George Porter

(1920 -  2002)

Nobel prize winning English Chemist

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No testimony is sufficient to establish a miracle, unless the testimony be of such a kind that its falsehood would be more miraculous.”


David Hume (1711 - 1776)

Scottish philosopher


A ‘miracle’ is an event attributed to ‘divine’ intervention.


Click on these links to see what really happens when a man tries to walk on water:

Man walks on water

How to walk on water

How not to run on water

Walking on Custard

(possible if you stamp!)


Did you see any divine intervention?

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