My two year old daughter used to watch CBeebies exclusively but has moved on to Peppa Pig on Nick Jr channel so she is being exposed to adverts for the first time. Every product or service depicted, she says, ‘I want that!’ She saw Disney’s Tinkerbell movie and when we bought her a Tinkerbell dress with wings on it she ran and jumped about in the garden quite expecting to be able to fly! It was heartbreaking watching her realise that the wings didn’t work!


Few adults comprehend exactly how much our children emulate us. Young human apes learn by mimicry: ‘aping’. Think what this means; if we take them to church and tell them Bible stories they will absorb this as a normal and credible activity that has the same value as cleaning their teeth or anything else their parents show them. Some children have a bad time coming to terms with the fact that Father Christmas isn’t real but at least their parents eventually reveal him as a harmless deception; this often doesn’t happen with God; what if he/she is also a myth? Don’t blame your parents, they thought they were acting for the best.


It’s not indoctrination - that’s what’s done to radicalise young men and make them into suicide bombers. No sensible parent would do that to their children. It’s more like the imprinting that Konrad Lorenz found happened to the goslings that assumed he was their mother because he was the first creature they saw after hatching. This is natural, unthinking, inherited, instinctive behaviour to copy a parent.


Shouldn’t we be more careful what we do with our children in this vulnerable period and leave them to make life affecting choices, such as joining a religion, until they are old enough to make an informed decision?


Believe me, I have witnessed the ugly vehemence with which beliefs (Choices), mistakenly held since early childhood, can be defended by Believers (Choosers).


Isn’t the best thing you can do while you are on Earth is to be a good parent?

She’s Vulnerable; Protect Her!

A Hypothesis:

We know that in order to keep the head small enough to pass through the birth canal, the new-born brain is incompletely formed. We also know we can’t remember learning to walk - things children do before age three cannot later be recalled from memory, so do they become embedded in the ‘instinct store’ and thereby form part of the person’s behaviour patterns?


Most children can release

themselves from belief in Father

Christmas but many cannot

escape God - is this because

they don’t become really

aware of Father Christmas

until after three so is he in

the, newly developed,

‘lifetime memory’ which

can be erased? Whereas churchgoing parents have inserted God deeply into the inaccessible ‘instinct store’ so ‘he’ (she? it?) is almost impossible to erase? Might that explain how strongly these beliefs are held?


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Baptism: Condemning babies to membership of a sect before they can understand the implications or even express an opinion! It’s child abuse! Some parents then cut the tip off their newborn son’s penis! Deaths from circumcision in USA is about 150 boys per year. Where’s our Human Rights?


Jesuit saying:


Give me a boy of seven and I’ll show you the man

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