‘Born again’ Christian, President George W Bush told Palestinian Ministers that God told him to invade Afghanistan and Iraq! Reported by the BBC, according to Palestinian Prime Minister

Abu Mazen and his Foreign Minister,

Nabil Shaath, President Bush said,


I'm driven with a mission from God.

God would tell me,  ‘George, go and

fight those terrorists in Afghanistan.’

And I did, and then God would tell me,

‘George, go and end the tyranny in Iraq.’


Assisted by Catholic convert, UK Prime

Minister Tony Blair, George W Bush invaded Iraq in 2003 and precipitated the death of over 300 British soldiers, over 5000 US soldiers and more than 106,000 Iraqi civilians. Perhaps, for men who have suspended their critical powers enough to believe in a god, it’s an easy progression to presume

that their actions are ‘righteous’.


In the Crusades or ‘Holy’ wars, fought

in the 11th and 12th centuries, up to 9 million

people were killed, half of them Christians.


On a smaller scale, Peter Sutcliff, the

‘Yorkshire Ripper’, killed 13 prostitutes claiming that he was the tool of God's will. He is locked up.


If people realised that, based on the evidence, God is less likely to exist than the Loch Ness Monster, such atrocities might not  happen.

Nobody kills in the name of Nessie!


Beware of men who are certain that they are backed by ‘God’. Doubters are safer!

The Language of the Lord


Like many specialisms, religions have their own jargon. Words like ‘Shibboleth’, ‘Amen’ ‘Heresy’, ‘Fatwaah’, ‘Jihad’, ‘Crusade’, ‘Intefada’ and ‘Blasphemy’ have little use in secular communications.


Here are some religious words with their meanings:


Blasphemy:  Irreverence toward holy personages

Crusade: Religiously sanctioned military campaign (Christian for Jihad)

Fatwaah: Ruling issued by an Islamic scholar

Jihad: Struggle or warfare for the expansion and defence of the Islamic state (Islamic for Crusade)

Intefada: Uprising, resistance or rebellion

Shibboleth: Something that identifies a speaker as being a member of a religion (or not).


Do you notice that many of the words in the religious vocabulary are concerned with loyalty to your own group and hatred of others?

Isn’t that divisive?


More people have been killed in the name of Jesus Christ than any other name in the history of the world."

Gore Vidal

Religion is evil – morally and intellectually corrupt.”

Louis de Bernieres, author of ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m not saying everything would be sweetness and light if there was no religion. Men will still kill each other for stupid reasons. They just wouldn’t be able to do it in the name of a god who probably doesn’t exist. Can’t we stop that cruel, pointless and needless waste of life?                     Comments to:  email

The ‘Divine Right’ of Kings


Early English Kings claimed to have the power to rule given to them by God!


Not only that, but some of them had scribes prepare a family tree purporting to show that they had actually descended from God!


What unbelievable cheek!

Why Worship?

The Origin of God Fearing

Early human culture was dominated by warlords who forced subjects to worship them. Naturally everyone assumed a god would also want them to fear him and to be called ‘Lord’, but why would an omni-powerful god need to be worshipped? Is he paranoid or neurotic?


If I met a supernatural being who wanted to humiliate me I wouldn’t respect him, would you?

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“I’m a war President”

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