The “Wrath of God”!

Why have Christians decided that god is an angry alpha male?

Caucasian Jesus



Christians tell us that we are made in God’s image. I ask, if god is ‘not of this world’, why would he look like us? Surely, as ‘Creator of the Universe’, he has no need of an Earthly appearance? He is an alien, isn’t he? Maybe he’s green with purple spots! Perhaps he has a space suit - conditions are harsh elsewhere in the Universe!


Then Christians show us pictures of Jesus: he’s a Caucasian! Why Caucasian? Why isn’t he ethnically African or Asian?  Does this mean that Africans and Asians are not made in God’s image? Poor them! Or could it be because the Jesus story was made up in the Middle East and that’s why the artists drew a white man? Did man create God rather than the other way round?


The Bible is full of references to man’s Earthly world, for example:


The Kingdom of heaven: kingdoms are human territorial  artifacts

Lord: Lords are human rulers in early society

Wrath: wrath is a human emotion

Father: a father is a human relative

Son: a son is another human relative

House of god: houses are human constructions

Worship: worship is a human behaviour

Bow down: so is to bow down


Why would a being who has been around since before the Universe began (13.7 billion years ago) need to copy mankind?  Humans are newcomers who only appeared about 200,000 years ago! Surely this is evidence that we made God rather than the other way round, isn’t it? Christians are happy to accept that man invented Zeus, Anubis, Thor, Ganesh, Shiva and all the other gods from other religions. Why do they have a blind spot about their own creation?


Imagining that they are privileged to have a hotline to God is another weird characteristic of some religious people. The most recent example is Harold Camping, a Californian Christian radio preacher who falsely predicted apocalypse. He claimed that on May 21, 2011, Jesus Christ would return to Earth, the righteous would fly up to heaven (the ‘Rapture’), and then there would follow five months of fire, brimstone and plagues on Earth, with millions of people dying each day, culminating on October 21, 2011, with the end of the world. How charmingly loving of god!


When this failed to happen Harold resigned.

The ‘Rapture’

The ‘Righteous’ ascending to ‘Heaven’



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