David Jenkins, Bishop of Durham from 1984 - 1994, hit the headlines for saying he did not believe in the physical resurrection of Christ, or the virgin birth.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams says, “The Three Wise Men are just a legend.” Read more

He took part in the Channel Four documentary, ‘How Do You Know There is a God?’ and produced no evidence of god’s existence.

The UK’s Chief Rabbi, Jonathan Sacks, took part in the Channel Four documentary called, ‘How Do You Know There Is a God?’ He did not produce any evidence for god’s existence.

Leading Hindu, Sadhu Paramtattvadas appeared on the Channel Four show. He produce no evidence and said, “It’s faith.”

Anthony Freeman said, “God is not a supernatural being but merely the sum of all our values and ideals" and was dismissed from his parish for heresy by the Bishop of Chichester in 1994.  

Muslim theologian, Tariq Ramadan, is another religious leader who couldn’t provide any evidence for  god’s existence in Channel Four’s programme.

Vincent Nichols, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Westminster also took part in the Channel Four Documentary ‘How Do You Know There is a God?’


He offered no evidence to support the existence of ‘The Almighty’.


‘Sea of Faith’ otherwise known as the ‘atheist priests’ claims it has up to 50 vicars and some RC priests in its membership.

In the USA, clergyproject.org has 300 ex-pastors since starting in 2011

Bishop of Auckland, Richard Randerson does not believe god's existence can be proved, so he can be considered to be an agnostic.

Gerald Ratner, ruined his jewellery business which had 80% of the UK market by saying his products were “Crap” in a speech. These religious leaders have ‘done a Ratner’, why are they still in post?


Saying there is no evidence for a god does not mean there isn’t one.

No-one can prove a negative.


It just puts god into the same category as fairies.



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RC Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal Pell says, “The Biblical story of Adam and Eve is a myth constructed for religious purposes.”

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Bishop of Newark, John Shelby Spong says, “Hell is an invention of the church. The church doesn’t like the people to grow up because you can’t control grown-ups, that’s why we talk about being ‘born again’. If you’re ‘born again’ you’re still a child.”