Religions often require you to show that you belong by restricting your appearance*. Such uniforms are usual in the military and other organisations which have a hierarchical structure. They enable the leaders to recognise members of their own side and reduce the number of victims of ‘friendly fire’. The leaders benefit from the obedience of their followers who they can command to do their bidding. Those whose career progresses to the top of the pyramid enjoy a great deal of power and a luxury lifestyle. If you wanted any more confirmation that religions are a manmade construct, surely it is right there in the provision of comfortable jobs for their preferred members. Doesn’t that sound like a human fabrication?


‘Rites of passage’ are also common. Most religions require new entrants to go through an induction process. The worst aspect of this occurs when the new recruit is a baby and genital mutilation is involved - is that more indication that these rituals and entire religions have been conceived by that sexually fixated animal known as ‘man’?


Then there is diet. The founders of religions took it upon themselves to decide what you should eat and how it should be killed. Is this intended to prevent you enjoying a meal with members of other faiths? How unfriendly!


Don’t these symbols of allegiance merely reveal your submission to your leaders and emphasise which ‘side’ you are on? Isn’t that divisive?


Think these pictures look funny?  Just imagine what they might think about you!


* Islam even takes your name from you - Cassius Clay became Mohammed Ali!



Hari Krishna

Anglican bishop

Orthodox Jewish gentlemen

Muslim woman


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