Here are just three religions which were once prevalent in their localities and times (you would have belonged to them if you’d lived there and then) that have completely died out:


Norse Gods

There were over sixty different Norse Gods with names from Aegir (God of the sea) through the alphabet to Vor (Goddess who knows all) each of whom lived in a ‘Realm’ with names from Alfheim to Yggdrasill. Worship usually took place around a stone altar in the home. One eye-witness account tells of the sacrifice of a slave-girl who volunteered to accompany her Lord to Valhalla, their ‘next world’.  Wikipedia


Egyptian Gods

The Egyptian religion lasted for thousands of years in pre-Roman times. Although they may have worshipped only one god at a time, they had more than sixty over the period. Some were thought to be Creators. Many gods and goddesses had an animal form and there was an underworld presided over by Osiris. Pharaohs were deified after death and their mummified bodies were supposed to be launched to the abode of the gods from their pyramid tombs.  Wikipedia


Aztec Gods

The Aztecs had over one hundred gods. Practically

everything they came into contact with, from salt to

fire, had a god. They adopted and combined several

traditions into their own and therefore had several

Creation and catastrophe myths. Many supernatural

creatures populated their pantheon and occupied

heavenly places such as Tonatiuhichan (highest

paradise) and Tlalocan (first paradise).  Wikipedia


Isn’t it noticeable how many similarities there are? Creators, Catastrophes, Heavens. Could there be a human need to write a story of existence and weave in comforting wishes? Our very lives are a narrative so we like a good tale.


There are many thousands of other dead religions; the Romans had numerous gods which they worshipped in Latin, one of the thousands of dead languages (about 100 were based on US soil alone). Each one was spoken by a society which, doubtless, had a religion that died when their language died. Also doubtless, all the priests of the dead religions hoodwinked their congregations for centuries and lived comfortable lives! Wikipedia


If beliefs can become extinct does this mean

that religions are just ideas in men’s heads that die

when they change their minds (as when Cassius

Clay changed from Christian to Muslim and became

Muhammad Ali) or when the men die themselves?  


Don’t you think that, until there is

convincing evidence supporting the existence of a god, religions should be regarded as fraudulent?

Is God a Him?

Have you ever wondered why many languages assign a gender to inanimate objects? It sounds strange to English ears to hear others talking about a male chair and a female table, doesn’t it? In Spanish a zebra is feminine while a cheetah is masculine whatever their actual sex!


Well, this probably originated in the early days of language development when people assumed that everything had a ‘spirit’ living inside it. They decided that macho things, like ‘sword’, should be male and things associated with women, such as ‘home’, should be female.


This projection of human qualities on to non-human things is known as anthropomorphism. Film-makers often indulge in anthropomorphism when they voice-over an animal character or refer to the human feelings they imagine it to have.


When supernatural beings were initially being imagined, mankind naturally assumed they would be either Gods or Goddesses. So, your god is whichever sex you wish him to be, including neuter!


The Christian god is supposed to be a father, so the assumption is that he is a male and, since he first became popular in the northern Mediterranean, he has often been depicted by artists as having a Caucasian appearance.


Don’t you agree that gods and religions are obviously human inventions?

Is it EVIDENCE that we should be worshipping?



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