You are newly born. Your eyes don’t focus properly yet. You are programmed to be cute so your carers will fall in love with you while you are helpless. You gurgle and cry and soon learn to lock eyes with your carers and to smile fetchingly. You have no hatred. You have no religion.


If your parents happen to be Christian, they are about to fill you up with Christianity. If they are Muslim you will get a dose of Islam. Jewish: Judaism, Hindu: Hinduism, Buddhist: Buddhism. Dear reader, I think you get the picture.


In some cases, your parents will have pieces cut off your genitalia. They, and their priests, will teach you that the religion you have been dedicated to, without consultation, after all you can’t speak yet, is the only right one and all other beliefs are wrong.


You may be sent to a single faith school, which will confirm the impression that your religion makes you special and divides you from the rest of society. A few of your peers may become radicalised into fundamentalists who may kill in god’s name.

“Few who first meet religion as an adult can take it seriously.”


A C Grayling

Professor of Philosophy

Repeated exposure to rituals in the early period of life can result in difficulty escaping from a doctrine at a later stage.


Please raise your children in a secular way. If they want to join a religion when they are old enough to make an informed decision, that’s up to them.  

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