Why am I doing this?


I get accused of wishing to destroy religion. Not a chance.


Even Superstitions are alive and well, and Astrology is positively thriving - there are 20,000 Astrologers in the USA compared to 200 Astronomers!


Why would I be bothered about people believing in something that comforts them even if it is absurd?


What I wish to do is stop killing in the name of a god who almost certainly doesn’t exist!


I hope that spreading rationalism (I prefer ‘Scientific Realism’ or ‘Evidencism’) will help to prevent unnecessary deaths.


Isn’t that what Jesus  and Muhammed would want?


To all those who would accuse me of throwing out the baby (god) with the bath water I will say,


‘There is no baby!’ (probably)


As a former Science teacher, I wouldn’t want to deprive anyone of a rational education anymore than a doctor would wish to deny treatment to the sick, whatever their beliefs (choices).


For decades religion has been the unseen elephant in the room. My mother used to advise me never to talk about religion at the dinner table because it was bound to cause disagreement. What an indictment!

While I’ve been following her advice and keeping quiet, too many people have been dying in God’s name.

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The production

of scientific knowledge

is a very significant

social good”

Soren Holm Professor of Bioethics

University of Manchester

Why believe

Some Believers (Choosers) claim not to be religious! This is often because they don’t like what is being done by organised religion.


I’m sorry, if you believe in a god you are religious, but I’m pleased that you recognise that religions are harmful!


The Catholic church has been indirectly responsible for a great many deaths from AIDs thanks to its ban on the use of condoms.

Evangelical Christians persecute homosexuals.

Islamic fundamentalists do suicide bombings crying, ‘Allah Akbar’.

Most religions denigrate women and discriminate against women.


Belonging to a religion means you accept and condone their activities.


At best, religions divide humanity into opposing factions based on myths - what good is that?


Until there is evidence for the existence of a god what reason is there to worship it?


Those who pray may become prey to exploitation (e.g. by the millionaire Televangelists of America) and victimisation.


Would the Nazis have exterminated six million Jews if they  had been atheists?


Is it actually safer to be non-religious?




Let’s form a church-free, religion-free, god-free ‘congregation’! You will not be required to do anything other than sign up and just let the world see how numerous we are by joining Doubters’ Club (include the apostrophe and space) on Facebook.


We will not form a group (any more than the electoral role is a group) because that would open us to the accusation of being an ‘organisation’ with an agenda and ‘members’ ranging from moderate through mainstream to extremist/fundamentalist. Atheism is zero belief, how can you have a little or a lot of nothing?


Time spent praying to a, probably non-existent, god and arguing with other religions about who is right is time wasted.

Please ask those praying, ‘Is that just a belief?’


Belief is Monumentally Unimportant: it’s just a choice.


Belief is simply unnecessary - let evidence do the talking!


Time spent supporting Science, studying Science and applying Scientific method to research for new, real information will save lives and improve the quality of life.


That’s what has been happening and will still happen if we continue to pursue the discovery of evidence based facts.


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