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Pick a God! Any God!

Don’t tell me what it is

Wait for it...

It’s going to disappear!

Anubis - Egyptian God

Atlas - Roman God

Thor - Norse God

Shiva- Mahesvara

Hindu God

Ram - Hindu God

Balarama, brother of Krishna

Ganesha - Hindu  Elephant God

The baby Jesus

Posiedon (Neptune)

Pagan God

Shinto Gods



A Few of the Thousands of Different Gods

N.B. Fatwaahs are issued against depicters of Mohammed so he has been omitted from this gallery

(Yes, ‘Fatwaah’ means issuing threats to stifle freedom of speech; just ask Salman Rushdie)


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Throughout time the religious have considered their own religion to be right and all other religions to be wrong.

How divisive is that?



Emperor Haile Selassie

Rastafaria God

L Ron Hubbard Scientology’s Intergalactic Thetan

Dalai Lama - Reincarnated Tulku of Tibetan Bhuddism

Ares - God of Savagery(!)


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