‘Atheist’ literally means ‘without god’ (from the Greek). Well, until there is convincing evidence for the existence of a god, we are all without god; anyone whose prayers have not been answered will understand that. So we are all atheists whether we like it (or even know it) or not, there is no choice.


But ‘atheist’ is often wrongly used to mean one who does not believe in god and, since I am of the opinion that what I (and you) believe is monumentally unimportant, I prefer to accentuate that by calling myself a non-believer. See HERE


‘Agnostic’, from the Greek ‘without knowledge’, is used about those who think that the existence or non-existence of a god is unknowable. Isn’t that a bit defeatist?  See: Agnostic Bishop

Now that we have the ultimate tool for discovering information, Scientific Method, I see no reason for meekly accepting that anything will be forever unknowable. Things are just not known yet.


Having a Science background, I come from a position of scepticism. The correct position for a Scientist examining a claim is to doubt it until sufficient convincing evidence is produced to make it supportable. For me, neither term is satisfactory because we are all atheists since, currently, we are all without evidence for the existence of god (religious leaders accept this see HERE) and we are all agnostics because:

1. The existence of god is unknowable until evidence is produced

2. And the non-existence of god, or non-existence of anything, cannot be proved and will, therefore, be forever unknowable.


Some religious people like to claim that Atheism is just another religion with an agenda of indoctrination. What rubbish! How can a non-belief have a doctrine? A religion is a shared belief, non-believers have nothing to share! Similarly there is no ‘Abikers’ club for non-bikers to belong to!


I suppose it is natural for the religious to try to shoehorn the foreign idea of Atheism into their understood structure of religion.

Imagine no Religion

A world without Religions would mean:


No ‘Souls’

No ‘Heaven’

No ‘Hell’

No ‘Martyrs’

No ‘Heresy’

No ‘Blasphemy’


Most importantly:


No killing in God’s name


What’s not to like?


Believers (Choosers) will say,


‘But what about all the good that religions do, like education and charitable works?’


Well, those things equally well can be, and are being, delivered by secular organisations and I think you’ll find that there’s no fundamental extremist Oxfam or Unicef workers strapping belts of explosives around their waists.


To sum up, religions cause a great deal of harm and fail to exclusively deliver any good!

“Not only is there no god, but try getting a plumber on weekends!”


Woody Allen

These things are not real so we won’t miss them!

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Atheist persecution!

In the deep south of the USA, Atheists are in the closet! They daren’t reveal their lack of faith because their lives would be affected - they could find it hard to get accommodation or a job and might get spat upon in the street. How ‘Christian’ is that treatment?


Unlike religious organisations, there is currently no Atheist mission to convert the entire world although sometimes I think that this planet might benefit if there was such a programme led by an non-believing ‘Messiah’!


Despite the way they are treated in The Bible Belt of the USA, Atheists are not horrible! They do not preach at you in the street or arrive uninvited at your front door and try to convert you!


Most importantly, there are no

fundamental Atheists preparing to

become suicide bombers.


*Religions can’t agree which should be the ‘Holy’ day!

Christians - Sunday,  Jews - Saturday,  Islamists - Friday

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Suicide bomber’s belt

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